Less Stuff, More Joy: The Gift of Experience

The Environmental Center

With the gift of experience, you give memories that contribute to happiness way more than just accumulation of more stuff.

Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

Give Kids Fun Winter Outings


Give Parents a Night or Day Out (trust me, they need it!)

  • Childcare! Offer to babysit or hire one out! Seriously this is the best!
  • Local restaurant gift certificates.
  • Equipment rentals from a local outdoor store to go skiing, biking, paddling etc.
  • Movie theater gift cards.


Give Someone A Break

  • Spa gift certificates.
  • Massage gift certificates.
  • Yoga studio passes.
  • A night’s lodging somewhere. Anywhere.


For Those That Want Skills

  • Jewelry, mountain biking, sewing, welding, skate skiing, cooking – whatever your skills is, you can share it with someone else to teach them, plan and lead an outing or skill session, or just to do it to spend time together. Think outside the box for gifts.
  • Or pay for a class through DIYCaveContinuing Education at COCC, Tumalo Creek & Kayak, Grit Clinics, etc…


What experiences would you love to get as a gift?


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