Help to Write Bend’s Climate Legacy

There was recently a really interesting and visually compelling story featured in The Washington Post.

Imagine an arctic lake in the Western Brooks Range that hisses and bubbles as it releases hard-hitting methane gas into our atmosphere. Now consider this same lake bed ALSO contains craters that show signs of unleashing ancient fossil fuels from a reserve that had once been sealed. And if this weird hybrid of what’s happening at Esieh Lake is happening across the top of the world, this could be a big blow to our climate system.

Strange stories like this one are becoming more and more prevalent across the globe, driving home the fact that our climate is changing dramatically (and quickly) due to human activities. But you don’t have to travel to the Arctic to feel the destructive consequences of climate change. We just experienced the fifth-driest summer in Bend’s history, impacting local irrigation and farming, wildfire behavior, and more.

Right now, we have the chance to take local climate action that will make a difference here at home, while contributing to a global purpose. Our climate legacy is being written at this very moment, as the City of Bend works to implement the Climate Action Resolution that was adopted in 2016. We now need our community’s support to complete Bend’s climate action plan – the first such plan in Oregon east of the Cascades. Please show your commitment to this effort, which will produce tangible, practical strategies for Bend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your dollars will help Bend step up to the challenge of leaving a healthy climate for future generations.

Donate today and help us reach the $10,000 goal. Learn more and show your support here.