Green Spotlight: Baby Cakes Diaper Service

Saving the world one diaper at a time! That’s what you see when you first visit Baby Cakes Diaper Service’s website, and the company holds true to form. Run by Sara Holman, the mother of a young son, this company helps you reap the many, many benefits of cloth diapers without the mess! Baby Cakes delivers clean, reusable diapers and picks up dirty ones from your home. They’ll also provide accessories such as diaper pail liners, diaper covers, and wet bags, as well as an organic diaper option. There are even swim diapers, just in time for summer!

What makes Baby Cakes green? Well, cloth diapers are stinky environmental superheroes. Conventional diapers use precious natural resources to produce. After they’re used, they create more than 3.5 million tons of landfill debris annually in the U.S. Cloth diapers can be reused, so they cut down on waste. Organic cloth diapers result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce deforestation and water use. And while there’s little research that proves chemicals from conventional diapers are harmful to kids, cloth diapers help prevent diaper rashes because they’re changed more often, keeping your baby’s bum dryer and cleaner.

Not only are they good for the environment and your baby, they save money, too! Between infancy and toilet training, one uses approximately 7,000 disposable diapers, costing more than $1,500. With cloth diapers, you can reduce that cost by around $1,000, or you can use a diaper service and maintain the same cost. (Not to mention… look how cute the patterns are!)

Holman feels a strong drive to help the world around her, and knows this is a good way to make a difference. In addition to running Baby Cakes, she also works for GreenSavers USA, a local home performance contractor specializing in energy efficiency. Lately, she has been contacting local pregnancy centers to see if there is an opportunity for a partnership to offer cloth diapers at a discounted price. While she washes the diapers at a facility in Prineville using chlorine-free bleach, the business is run out of her home. She heats and cools her house with an efficient ductless heat pump and uses LED lighting, making the business even greener.

If you’re a new parent, try out Baby Cakes. Your baby will thank you for the fresh diapers now, and for a healthy, clean world in the future.

Check out this video of how the cloth diaper is used!