Got EV Questions?

Get plugged into all the information you need!


On May 1st, 2017, The Energy Challenge kicked off its Electric Vehicle Group Buy Program. Since then, 28 Central Oregonians and counting have joined the electric vehicle revolution and bought new Nissan LEAFs.

We all still have a lot of questions about electric vehicles so we wanted to make sure we took some time to make sure we were helping you find the answers to those questions! Please take note that these are specific to the 2017 Nissan LEAF which has a 30 kW battery.

How far can I go on a charge? 2017 Nissan LEAF has a 30kw battery and is rated at an average of 107 miles.

How long does it take to charge?  There are three ways to charge.

  • Level 3 or DC CHAdeMO fast charger is a 30-minute charge to about 80%
  • Level 2 or a 240 charge (an outlet like you’d have for your dryer) is about 5 hours
  • Level 1 (standard 3 prong outlet) or 110 take about 20 hours from 0% to a full battery. Most people plug in a few times a week and don’t completely deplete their battery and are able to recharge overnight at home.

How do I know where to charge? 
There are lots of apps that help you find public charging stations. One of the most popular is a free app for Android or iPhone called PlugShare. You can also view a map on their website.

 What happens if my battery runs out of charge? Nissan provides courtesy roadside assistance and will tow your LEAF to the nearest Nissan charging stations or your home.

How long will the battery last? The 2017 Nissan has an 8 year or 100,000-mile warranty on the battery which includes degradation. One staff member at The Environmental Center has a 2015 Nissan LEAF with 31,000 miles and the battery has not seen any degradation yet.

Can I install a fast charger in my home? Level 2 or 240 charging stations are affordable and can be installed relatively easily in most cases. Right now, some solar contractors are giving a $500 credit towards the electrical work to upgrade an outlet (adding a 240 plug) or hard-wire in a home charging station when you buy an EV and go solar. If you already have a 240 plug, you may be ready to just plug and play!

How does the LEAF do in the snow? The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system helps control the car in slippery conditions by using various sensors to control brake pressure and motor output. The car is no lightweight due to the large battery pack that lines the underbody of the car. Additionally, putting the car in “Eco mode” helps reduce torque to reduce slipping in the snow. “B-mode” more aggressively brakes the car for you when you take your foot off the gas so it not only regenerates the battery but also allows you to get away with a lot less time with your foot on the brake pedal.

Can I lease through this program? The $10,000 discount only applies to finance or cash purchases but there are very attractive lease offers. It’s a great option for those who don’t qualify for the federal tax credit.

Will I qualify for the Federal tax credit? Please consult your tax advisor. The $7,500 tax credit is based on your federal tax liability. Here are some things to help you see if you qualify:

  • New cars only
  • It’s a dollar for dollar credit, not just a deduction
  • You can claim the tax credit to the point it reduces your tax liability to zero – but not below
  • Doesn’t carry forward to subsequent years
  • If you don’t have a tax liability, leasing is an option