Giving Tuesday: A More Collective Approach

Giving Tuesday Logo

Giving Tuesday is the “global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.”¹ This movement encourages people to donate to the nonprofit(s) of their choice on the last Tuesday in November. It has become a standard campaign for nonprofit fundraising efforts amid a season of consumption and gift-giving. While The Environmental Center certainly welcomes and appreciates your support, we’d like to offer a different perspective and approach to this year’s Giving Tuesday that may resonate with some of you.

In our learning journey at The Environmental Center, we are focused on aligning every aspect of our organization with our values. Sustainability has three interdependent pillars: the environment, social equity, and economic vitality. How do we ensure these three pillars are the foundation of our fundraising efforts? Well, we did some research,² brainstormed, and decided we want our Giving Tuesday campaign to uplift the collective efforts of our Central Oregon community. Therefore, we encourage you to donate money to and learn more about the following nonprofits and initiatives at the forefront of our minds and in the depths of our hearts. Our new Giving Tuesday approach focuses on three key areas:

1. Amplify efforts and voices of people of color-led and centered initiatives.

We have admittedly neglected the social equity pillar of sustainability in the past, but are dedicated to ensuring our endeavors now and in the future are rooted in this pillar. November is Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month. We want to amplify efforts and voices of Native-led and Native-centered initiatives. This Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to donate to The Chúush Fund: Water for Warm Springs. Your money will directly support the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs as they work to restore access and infrastructure for clean water. (We’re not affiliated with this important campaign – just spreading the word.)

2. Highlight our partner organizations.

We were founded in part as a hub for environmentally-focused nonprofits. Still today, we maintain relationships with a number of partner organizations. These organizations do amazing work that is parallel to what we do at The Environmental Center. We each have a role to play in ensuring the sustainability of our community. This Giving Tuesday, please donate to and learn more about a partner of The Environmental Center.

3. Build a stronger overall community in Central Oregon.

We recognize that our efforts do not exist in a vacuum. We cannot promote a stronger, healthier, and more resilient community through our sector alone. It is necessary to take a holistic approach, and support the work of nonprofits in different sectors in the Central Oregon community. As such, there are a variety of local nonprofit organizations, and their efforts are vital to building a better community. The Source Weekly’s Give Guide is a great resource to explore local nonprofit organizations. Please donate to a local nonprofit featured on the Central Oregon Gives website. (Full disclosure, The Environmental Center is a featured nonprofit organization, alongside many other organizations doing amazing work in the Central Oregon community.)

This Giving Tuesday…

Your generous donation(s) to the above listed organizations will make a difference. Also bear in mind that generosity can take many different forms. In addition or in lieu of giving funds, Giving Tuesday can be celebrated with the gift of time, amplifying the voices of others, and lending your voice to causes that are important to you and our community. It is only with our combined efforts that we can make a better community for everyone now and in the future.

Thank you for your support and commitment to building a sustainable community together!

¹ Giving Tuesday. 
² We are taking cues from nonprofit development leaders such as Vu Lee, author of Nonprofit AF, ( and movements such as Community Centric Fundraising ( In her recent article “TIS THE SEASON: BUT IS GIVING TUESDAY REALLY COMMUNITY-CENTERED?” Nikkia Johnson explores Giving Tuesday from a community-centered point of view. Read her article: We are being simultaneously challenged and inspired by their ideas, and are grateful for the amazing thinkers and thought leaders who are leading this shift