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Stand Up for DEI

September 3, 2019

$65 – $75
Have you heard comments like this?
“Teaching Critical Race Theory is part of what makes Replacement Theory real; first they try to convince us that white people are bad, then they work to replace us with people of non-white heritage.”
The problem isn’t that the comment makes sense, it’s that it makes so little sense it’s hard to know where to begin to defend or dispute what’s being said in the echo chamber of the anti-Critical Race Theory lobby.
Since the claim that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is divisive and hurtful to the cultural fabric of the U.S., public school administrators and teachers, parents, corporate leaders, advocates, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professionals have been caught flat-footed when trying to respond to false claims from anti-CRT activists.
It’s time to defend the real history of racism in the US.
This STAND UP FOR DEI&B interactive webinar helps attendees learn how to create their own strategies to effectively engage in dialogue with those who are choosing to go along with fiction over facts when it comes to DEI.
In addition, you’ll gain the tools to:
?Learn what Critical Race Theory is and isn’t, and become comfortable talking about it.
?Shift from debating the topic to being curious and clear about your opinions on CRT and share them with those who have different viewpoints.
?Engage skeptics as partners in advancing DEI
Talk about and address the real history of systemic oppression and disadvantage in the U.S. without prompting defensiveness or shame.
In the words of CRT co-author Kimberlé Crenshaw, “When they make racism unnamable, they make racial justice unreachable, and then our multi-racial democracy is unattainable.”



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