These Eco-Heroes Had a Blast Exploring Bend via Bike

July Eco-Heros riding bikes.

Superhuman strength and magical powers only exist in comics and movies, but real-life heroes biked among us during the July Eco-Hero Adventures summer camp.

After a thorough safety lesson from Commute Options, the campers were ready to go!

July Eco-Heros riding bikes.

Here’s Where the Eco-Heros Docked Throughout the Week!

Navigating through Bend, fueling their transport with the energy from granola bars and water (instead of a gasoline), the campers visited a variety of businesses and organizations that exemplify sustainable values and eco-friendly practices.

One such establishment was Central Oregon Locavore, an indoor market promoting community-friendly farming and shopping. Campers sampled blueberries and hazelnuts while learning about the benefits of locally grown produce and animal goods.

After a dip in the river, community education and outreach group OSU Extension gave a food presentation involving a taste test of green beans and sugar snap peas.

Continuing the food theme, campers took a long bike ride to Fields Farm, where owner Jim Fields discussed the challenges and rewards of growing in Central Oregon’s climate. They also visited Sunlight Solar and learned about the science of solar power and the process of getting panels onto roofs.

The final day began with a walk to The Gear Fix and a discussion of reusing items and preventing waste…and ended with a fantastic river float and a splash down the whitewater park.

After a week of biking, learning, swimming, exploring, and more biking, each camper was more than ready to put their knowledge to use in their homes, schools, and communities. While they are not fighting aliens or evil robots (at least not that we know of), these Eco-Heroes are definitely super.

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This piece was written with the help of one of our Youth Education Interns, Fiona Schrader. Thanks Fiona! 

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