Earth Day Poster Artist Spotlight: Sage Flannery


One of our favorite parts of planning Earth Day is seeing the beautiful art pieces that our Earth Day artists come up with. Each year, we’re blown away by the incredible creativity that our local artists hold as they develop a piece that reflects on what Earth Day means to them. This year was no different, when we were presented with the piece titled “A Quiet Mind” by the talented Sage Flannery. Watch Sage’s process video on making the piece here!

Look for this piece gracing our poster as they go up around Central Oregon, and be sure to visit Sage’s booth at the 2024 Earth Day Fair and Parade! Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 20 in downtown Bend from 11:30am-3pm. Note that if you would like to participate in the parade, we will be gathering at Troy Field to line up at 11am.

a black and white block print depicting a sleeping fawn, a skull, wildflowers, mushrooms, and a butterfly
A Quiet Mind

Meet the Artist

I’m Sage Flannery. I’m a queer printmaker and artist based out of Bend, OR. I use traditional printmaking techniques to create work that reflects my perspective and experience. My art can be described as witty and whimsical, although it has also been described as unhinged or pensive. The greatest reward of creating my art is the ability to make people laugh and smile. I don’t really like to confine myself to one particular style of work and I think it allows me a lot of freedom in my pursuit of creativity. 

This particular work is titled, “A Quiet Mind.” I wanted to try and achieve the feeling of quietness I find in nature. I think this feeling is what roots me to earth. It’s a place to breathe, reset and find peace.

I included imagery of pollinators such as yarrow and wasps because these living things are essential to our survival. The juxtaposed coyote skull and doe can be seen to represent the cycle of life. I added mushrooms found in Central Oregon to allude to this idea of the cycle of  death and rebirth found in nature. Fungi are major contributors to the carbon cycle necessary for plants and people to grow. 

“A Quiet Mind” was a woodblock relief printed with oil-based ink. I created a sketch, which I transfered to my block. I use metal carving tools to carve out where I don’t want the ink to go. It is completely carved by hand and then printed in the studio where I am a member, Studio 6000, in Sisters. 

People can find more of my art and products on my website and follow me on instagram @sageflanneryart