DREAM BOLDLY The Grand AdvenChair Film Makes Bend Debut


Green Drinks, an international event concept celebrating local efforts in sustainability and environmental conservation, is hosted every other month by The Environmental Center. This March, we are partnering with local entrepreneur Geoff Babb of The Onward Project and filmmaker Marcia Volk of Outback Film, as well as Central Oregon Community College’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion, to host the debut showing of the new documentary film DREAM BOLDLY The Grand AdvenChair. 

The event takes place on Friday, March 22nd from 5-7pm at COCC’s Bend Campus in Wille Hall, and will feature a presentation and Q&A with the filmmakers and expedition team following the film. The Oregon Outdoor Alliance and Stroke Awareness Oregon will also be attending to share information about their organizations’ important work in Central Oregon.

If you truly want to see how the all-terrain wheelchair AdvenChair holds up under the rigorous environment of four days down and back up the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon, then come see the premiere showing of DREAM BOLDLY The Grand AdvenChair, the new award-winning 48-minute documentary of Geoff Babb and his expedition team currently in review by film festivals from coast-to-coast, and even Cannes, France.

Lifelong outdoor enthusiast and inventor of The AdvenChair, Geoff Babb is excited to draw as much of the Central Oregon community as possible to share his and his team’s story. “The Grand AdvenChair is really a story of how a community, not just a team, came together to make this dream a reality,” Geoff said. “As impressed as we are with how rugged the AdvenChair is, we are most proud of the lives that have been touched through the ripple effect.”

In the film, you will learn about Geoff’s arduous journey to realize his dream as a survivor of two strokes, taking years to perfect an all-terrain human-powered wheelchair, culminating in a rigorous 4-day expedition down and back out of the Grand Canyon, with a ripple effect on others from its creation—access to nature previously out of reach.

Marcia Volk, the film’s Director, will be present to talk about her role in the project from its inception. “While doing digital marketing projects for solo entrepreneurs and nonprofits, I had the opportunity to meet Geoff Babb,” Marcia said. “His incredible and infectious will to dream boldly made me want to do the same. It was always my dream to create a documentary, and now we’ve both realized huge dreams.” Sometimes one bold dream can change the world for many.

The film will have English captions and an ASL interpreter will also be present. Tickets are free, but donations are encouraged to support the film as it enters into festivals around the world to share this inspiring story!

In advance of Central Oregon Community College events, persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability should contact Caitlyn Gardner at 541-383-7237. For accommodation because of other disabilities such as hearing impairment, contact Disability Services at 541-383-7583.