Farm to Warm Springs Project

Young farmer with hat next to seeding trays in a greenhouse

Around the Bend Farms will incorporate a cooling box to increase the longevity of the produce it delivers to recipients at Warm Springs Reservation through the VeggieRX grant administered by the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance.

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Composting Center at Deschutes County Juvenile Detention Facility Peace Garden

Fenced garden with plant beds and a shade structure with solar panel with this text overlaid at the bottom: "Deschutes Peace Garden - Juvenille Detention Center"

The COIC Skills Lab will build a composting system at the Deschutes County Juvenile Department Peace Garden and process the food waste and use the compost in the garden on site. In addition, they will also create and deliver an eco-literacy curriculum, which will include composting education.

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Rescuing More Produce!

A portable cooler full of fresh produce at an outdoor booth with three people around it

HDFFA will expand their Grow & Give program with insulated coolers and offer produce donation locations at community gardens, gleans, and farmers markets to increase food donations by 3,000 lbs in 2023.

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A Garden Compost with Worms

A subpod garden compost with herb plants inside a room with books on a shelf behind it

COIC Skills Lab implemented a composting project using a SubPod vermiculture station with worms, diverting 500 pounds of waste each year and reaching and educating 150+ youth and 25+ staff in the process.

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Coming In Hot Composting at Worthy

Sunflowers and other outdoor plants in a small outdoor garden

Worthy Environmental will use the Community Innovation Fund to purchase a composter and rain barrel to achieve a hot composting process and host two free composting workshops.

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