Chasing Arrows Symbol: what does it mean?

People know it as the “universal recycling symbol”. But guess what? It does NOT mean “recyclable”.

The ubiquitous chasing arrows symbol doesn’t mean that something is recyclable?? What? I know. Crazy, right? It was a brilliant deceptive campaign introduced by the petroleum industry.

The truth:

The number inside the chasing arrows symbol is something called a “resin code” that tells us what kind of plastic the packaging or product is made of. It can also tell us what kind of chemicals are used in the processing. While some communities “recycle by number”, we don’t do that here in Deschutes County. In curbside, you can put bottles, tubs and jugs. That’s it. Want to learn more about what can go in and what stays out? Check out this flyer from our local garbage service providers.