Celebrate Earth Month

April is sometimes labeled “Earth Month,” as the Earth Day holiday falls on April 22nd each year. During these 30 days, people across the globe participate in activities that help raise awareness of environmental issues, celebrate our natural world, and promote sustainable living.

DSC_0174There are countless ways to celebrate the Earth during the coming weeks! But we hope the activities you partake in during April create lasting habits – so that each day is progress toward a happier, healthier planet.  

The Earth Day Fair & Parade is April 25th! This is the perfect opportunity to join a fun and festive celebration of the natural world. There will be live music, art, local businesses, food, interactive displays and great hands-on activities for all ages.

Here are some inside tips from our team on how to get ready for this awesome, community celebration:

  • In the spirit of sustainable living, ride your bike or carpool to the event. For extra fun, check out the Bend Bikes Community Ride that joins the Earth Day Parade!
  • Don’t forget a canvas bag that you can use to collect goodies!
  • The day kicks off with a colorful, creative parade filled with children and adults costumed as their favorite species. Think about your parade costume ahead of time! Come to a workshop, or get together with friends to discuss a fun ‘group’ costume.
  • Get involved in the parade, no matter your age. Put that imagination to work!
  • Bring good energy to the event. We’re all trying to save the earth – what’s not to smile about?
  • Plan to visit the booths at the event. These are your neighbors who are promoting ways to make Bend a great community. Use this opportunity to learn a thing or two!
  • Call your dog sitter, in case your pup needs to go out during the 4-hour event. Unfortunately, our furry friends aren’t allowed.

If you’re looking for additional ways to celebrate and appreciate Mother Earth this spring, here are some ideas:

Take care of the land
Get outside and play in the dirt! Gardening is a fun way to get fresh air, and it’s also a great way to give back to the Earth. Keep an eye on our calendar for Kansas Avenue Garden work parties. These work days offer a great way to meet people, and to make a visible difference in your community. If you don’t have a green thumb, go for a walk and pick up trash along the way.

Get crafty
Channel your energy toward creating something unique. Build a bird house, turn scrap fabric into reusable bags, or upcycle old furniture into garden beds. Log into Pinterest for some great inspiration. (Local’s hint: Check out the outcome of ReStore’s Furniture Flip Design Challenge on April 25th!)

Learn something new
Walk to the library and grab an interesting book that will teach you something about the environment, or relax at home and rent a relevant documentary. Better yet, check out The Environmental Center’s community calendar and attend an upcoming local event. Take advantage of this time to become more educated on environmental issues, the natural world, important policies, and everything in between.

Spring (green) clean
April is the perfect time for spring cleaning. Instead of contributing to the landfill, hold a garage sale, donate items to an organization in need, or make a big trip to the recycling center. Unsure what to do with items that aren’t collected curbside? Before you toss anything, find local businesses that reuse and recycle a wide variety of stuff! Once your house is free from clutter, consider green cleaning with non-toxic alternatives. Greener cleaning products protect your family AND the environment. Win!