Calling All Trashionistas



Surely you’re familiar with the fashion capitals of the world:  Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Bend, London…wait – what?!? Bend???

OK, maybe Bend should rather be called a “trashion capital” for being one of the handful of cities hosting a craftily creative fashion show with trash made into fashion. The Bend version is called Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show, now in its third year, taking place on Thursday, December 6th at the Century Center. Where else can you see beautiful models wearing dresses made of placemats, kiddie pools or grandpa’s old neck ties? This is the earth-loving funky fashion fest that will get you digging in your recycling bin and garage to see what hot new getups YOU can create out of something worth nothing.

Rubbish Renewed is an annual fundraiser event for REALMS Charter School’s art program. It was started in 2010, according to their website, “rooted in love of fashion, and appreciation of art and passion for the planet”. The runway will again be flaunting eclectic, wearable art representing “trash fashion” and “re-fashioned” garments. “Trash fashion” refers to pieces that are composed of at least 90% material destined for the trash bin. “Re-fashioned” garments are made of previously used clothes and fabric, re-creating stylish new threads out of tattered, old pieces.

In addition to the riveting runway show, the event also features a live and silent auction, a gallery of local artisans selling their creations, and local food and drink. There will be two shows on December 6th: first one at 6 PM (all ages – doors open at 5 PM) and the second one at 8:30 PM (21 & up). Tickets are $12 for adults; $6 for children 10 & under. The Century Center is located at 70 SW Century Drive.

If you would like to get involved in this haute couture showcase of the local trashionistas, please visit the Rubbish Renewed website at, or contact Amy Anderson/REALMS at The organizers would love some help on the 5th with set-up, on the day of (the 6th) with the zero waste station and few other areas, and the day after with clean-up. Get involved!

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