At least 71,000 Watts to Be Generated Through Go Solar! Central Oregon Program

BEND, OREGON – Go Solar! Central Oregon has already helped 17 Central Oregon households make the smart choice for their family, the environment, and the local economy by installing solar electric panels on their homes.   Go Solar facilitates homeowners’ getting into solar electric and solar water systems through an easy process and substantially discounted prices.

Together, the 17 households will generate approximately 71 kilowatts of renewable energy, while saving each household hundreds of dollars annually on their electric bill. With their commitment to solar, these households are also preventing more than:

  • 110,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions
  • 110 lbs of sulfur dioxide pollution
  • 150 lbs of nitrous oxide pollution

This is equivalent to:

  • Reducing automobile driving by over 125,00 miles
  • Planting more than 8 acres of trees

The program is available to Central Oregon homeowners for only two more weeks, until October 31. Homeowners are encouraged to register as soon as possible for the program at to receive their free solar site assessment and qualify for the program’s discounted prices.

Go Solar! Central Oregon is a pilot program of The Environmental Center, in partnership with local contractors Sunlight Solar Energy and E2 Solar, Oregon solar manufacturer SolarWorld, Northcoast Electric, Bend Radio Group and Combined Communications.  For more information, visit

About The Environmental Center

The Environmental Center educates and advocates for a sustainable future in Central Oregon, believing that sustainability hinges on how we live our daily lives: at home, at school and at work. The Center’s focus areas include educating kids, promoting zero waste, supporting local businesses, and promoting energy efficiency and renewables. For more information, visit or the offices at 16 NW Kansas Avenue in downtown Bend.