Rates & Availability

Rates for private/business rentals:

<2 hours/room: $85
2-4 hours/room: $110
>4 hours/room: $150

Rates for nonprofits:

<2 hours/room: $50
2-4 hours: $65
>4 hours/room: $85


Our online calendar is updated in real time. ‘Busy’ indicates the space has already been reserved. Please be sure to check availability here first before contacting us. Click on ‘busy’ to see the start and end time for each event.

The Audubon is the larger room (blue text); the High Desert is the smaller room (green text). Use the small arrow on the top right corner of the calendar to switch between rooms. Please note that the week starts on Sunday on this calendar.

Once you have reviewed the calendar above, you may make your room reservation request by clicking the button below to fill out the form.