Wrap it up: we’re talking about the holidays.


Holidays happen all the time. So does gift giving. These tips are great for the great, grand holiday season we tend to celebrate in December each year, but they also work for thinking about gift giving year round. Birthdays, for example?

Single-Use Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Reuse your paper! One local family has been reusing wrapping paper for DECADES. At this point, it’s still beautiful, special because it’s unavailable anywhere else, and unique + antique.

Use fabric rather than paper. Another local family has been using fabric sewn into bags to wrap their gifts. You can save and reuse the ribbons, too!

“Wish I had started this a long time ago….we used to have piles of trash that filled our family room….we had 6 adults and 2 children for   Christmas this year and one bag was all the garbage we had!!!  When I think of doing this for the past year I’m really proud of reducing all that waste!  And it makes wrapping presents a snap…I get done in a fraction of what it used to take me!!!”

– Candy

Old holiday cards make perfect gift tags!

Do you keep your holiday cards on display like I do? They’re so colorful and bright and make me feel loved. It’s hard to toss them (and most are recyclable except for those with glitter and photo cards). One idea is to save them for the next year and then cut them up, add a hole punch, and use them for gift tags for next year’s holiday.