Welcome Amelia Corbari, our new Communications Coordinator!


Amelia Corbari (she/her) just joined our team as the Communications Coordinator! In this role, Amelia will be a storyteller for The Environmental Center — sharing resources, announcements, and ways to get involved with our programs. Amelia, who grew up in Eugene, just relocated here from the Willamette Valley where she worked for a Portland-based organization called ECO (Ecology in Classrooms and the Outdoors). We are thrilled to work with Amelia and excited for stronger, more consistent communication with all of you, our supporters and partners! 

With more in-person events and programs happening now and in the future, we hope you have a chance to meet her soon. 

You can reach Amelia at amelia@envirocenter.org or 541-385-7947.

Q&A with Amelia

You’re coming to TEC with a strong background in environmental education! What excited you about this new opportunity to dive into communications?

I’m very passionate about environmental education, so it was still important to me to work for an organization that delivers this to the community. I was feeling ready to explore a new path and learn new skills! I know first-hand how busy educators are, and how time-consuming it is to create curriculum and deliver programs. Many educators don’t have a cheerleader on their team who can observe lessons from an outside perspective and then communicate that impact to a broader audience. But I know how communities love that glimpse into the work we do with kids! So in this role, I am excited to take a step back from programs and to be that support person. 

Welcome to Central Oregon, and specifically, to Sisters! Any favorite places so far?

I have been in love with Sisters for a while, so I’m really excited to call it home! It’s amazing to be within walking distance to the annual Folk Fest, The Barn food cart lot, and also closer to my family who lives here. Sisters feels really welcoming and friendly. I’m glad to be closer to the desert trails; I enjoy biking and trail running with my dogs at Maston and riding my bike at Peterson Ridge. I already know I’ll miss the more loamy valley trails… I’m not used to this sandy, lava rock yet! I’m also thinking about jumping on the gravel bike trend soon.

What’s something about living in Oregon that inspires you?

I can think of so many different sensory experiences across the diverse ecosystems in Oregon. For example, the coast has its own distinct scents – salty air and spruce trees. I’m inspired to get to know these different pockets across the state. There’s so much to explore, I love being from here but still having so much left to see!

Oxford comma: Yay or nay?

Ha! I am definitely pro Oxford comma.

One thing you learned in your Masters of Environmental Management program that really stuck with you?

The biggest thing I took away is the power of partnerships. My Masters program had a strong emphasis on the future of the environmental movement, and how building strong partnerships is important in any and all work we do. I learned the importance of viewing and approaching environmental projects through integration and collaboration, instead of in a silo. We learned to question things, for example: Who are we not reaching? Who needs to be at the table? Why aren’t they at the table? I think the program helped set me up for a career and lifestyle that aligns to my values.