Sustainability Awards

Sustainability is supported by three interdependent pillars: a healthy environment, social equity, and economic vitality. We see sustainability as both an active process and an outcome to strive for. It is what we want to achieve; and it is also how we get there. 

The Sustainability Awards is a way to celebrate businesses, organizations and individuals who are helping to shape sustainable communities that meet human needs equitably, live within our planet’s ecological limits, and build a prosperous economy for all — without compromising the ability for future generations to do the same. Those being recognized are taking action, changing systems, collaborating on solutions, and supporting their peers to do the same, all while paying attention to all three pillars. No small task, but it is the task before us.

We invite you to apply for a 2021 Sustainability Award!

Individuals, businesses, organizations, and other community-led projects and programs are all welcome to apply. We plan to give out 5-6 Sustainability Awards this year, but please allow us some flexibility because it’s hard to predict the pool of applicants! There are no specific categories. All winners will receive a hand-crafted Sustainability Award with their name on it.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQ document for more information and the list of application questions.

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