Kavi Chokshi

Rethink Waste Program Coordinator


(541) 508-5930

Kavi (pronounced kuh-vee, like a covey of quails) joins The Environmental Center as the very first Rethink Waste Program Coordinator. Kavi will be working part-time in that role, while also working on starting Kavi’s Chai. Previously, Kavi worked for Central Oregon LandWatch, and comes with experience in political, entrepreneurial, web design, and marketing work. Kavi is passionate about community building and creating a culture shift around sustainability. Kavi also serves in a personal capacity as Vice-Chair of the City of Bend’s Environment and Climate Committee. Originally from India, Kavi has lived in five countries, and moved to beautiful Central Oregon in 2018 after seventeen years in Delaware. Kavi enjoys hiking, meditating, music, yoga, indoor plants, trail running, strength training, bouldering, watching good shows and movies, figure modeling, mushroom foraging, trying new things, and being present in every moment of life. He is usually found with his adorable dog, Snowy, and they’re both so grateful to live here.