Oregon’s Biggest Climate Rally of the Year

CEJ Lobby Day at Capitol

When: Tuesday, February 11th at 12:00 p.m.
Where: Across from the State Capitol Building in Salem

It’s time to demonstrate overwhelming support for a strong, equitable climate bill that will help Oregon to reduce our carbon emissions as quickly as possible.

Maybe you’ve never been to Salem or experienced a climate rally. Or maybe you’ve been to several and you’re wondering why this one is so important.

There are 29 days left in the 2020 legislative session, and this is a crucial time to participate. This rally will be the biggest climate action day of the year.

If you support a clean energy economy for all, your voice can make a difference. We need your help to pass SB 1530, Oregon’s cap, trade and invest program. There’s not much time left.

  • If you plan to be there, RSVP so that organizers can plan for this event.
  • You can join or create a carpool here. If you scroll down the page a bit, there are several folks planning to drive from Central Oregon. If you’re willing to be a driver, sign up asap so that folks can join you.

 If you’re interested in what we’ve shared so far, but feel a little lost in all this, catch up on some background info here; and join us on Tuesday!! You’ll learn a lot and get connected in ways that are meaningful to you.

Please forward this to students, colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family in Oregon. Share why a climate bill matters to you, and how one day of action can make a big impact on the outcome of this session. Talk about it, post about it. Use your sphere of influence to encourage MORE people to show up and speak out in support of bold climate action in Oregon.

We’ll be in Salem that day, not only because of our roles here at TEC – but also because we’re parents, teachers, outdoor athletes, and community leaders who are responsible for forging a better path towards a sustainable future. We hope you’ll join us, and if you can’t, we hope you’ll email and call your Legislators. (You can look them up here.)

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