Move Like An Animal!

Welcome back to another Lunch Bites Blog! This week’s Lunch Bites Highlight is from one of our partners from the Children’s Forest of Central Oregon. We are lucky to partner with different organizations in Central Oregon, creating interactive and fun flyers for our students. Children’s Forest of Central Oregon is an organization that focuses on engaging children from all different backgrounds to the beautiful world around us. Their website has diverse resources for children to interact with the environment. 

As spring fully arrives, the warm sun encourages outdoor activities for both adults and children. This week’s Lunch Bites Highlight is all about getting outside and moving our bodies, a sure way to increase energy and endorphins. With all the craziness of the world, many students have been spending more time indoors to stay safe. Following the video in this Lunch Bite will provide students with a few minutes of moving their body outside! By using animals for movement references, the video walks through a variety of exercises that are kid friendly which also helps expand their imagination.

By challenging both their physical body and their mind, this website talks about the importance of movement with children that also challenges their minds. Using the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” as an example, the author explains the importance of the song as it encourages using both sides of the brain through the variety of movements in the song. Who knew that by dancing and having fun you are also growing and challenging your brain! So bring out your exercise shoes as you and your young ones embark on a quick and fun exercise video that stimulates the brain and the body.

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