Local Environmental Jobs:
Bicycle Rides Northwest (BRNW) – Event Crew, Sustainability Team and Others

BRNW has multiple positions available on one or both of our two week-long road-bike tours this summer. These are temporary-employee jobs, where you join our 45-person crew for the event and earn a salary for the tour. Our tours have 300 riders moving from town to town over the week, so our “camp” moves as well. The two tours are BRNW California 24, June 22-29, starting and ending in Yreka, CA (job commitment dates June 20-30); and BRNW Washington 24, July 13-20, starting and ending in Colville, WA (job commitment dates July 11-22).

We have positions open on our Sustainability Team (one spot for both weeks, one for the CA tour only); our Rest Stops Team (one spot for both tours); our Camp Central Team (one spot for both tours); and our Tent & Porter Team (7 positions for the WA tour only). Pay starts at $900-$1,000 per tour, with bonuses for working both tours and/or driving an event vehicle. We provide transportation, camping sites, three meals per day, free snacks and beverages, portable showers and toilets, first aid training and custom crew apparel.