Introducing the Green Leadership Coalition


Recently, Bend High and Mountain View’s environmental clubs got together at The Environmental Center’s Learning Garden. They covered the garden beds, cut back plants, and kept some growth available for pollinators throughout the winter and spring seasons. This great event connected students and gave them an opportunity to plan some group projects and really develop their goals and ideas for the school year. With a little help from the GLC, students in Central Oregon will be able to participate in events like The Garden Meetup and so much more.

What is the Green Leadership Coalition?

Green Leadership Coalition focuses on students in Central Oregon who are passionate leaders and advocates for lasting change within their schools. The GLC plans to work together and produce tangible results within schools and communities for successful sustainable shifts. By meeting monthly, the GLC plans to support and collaborate with high school students on sustainability action.  Student leader, Grace Pell, from Mountain View High School exclaimed, “I am beyond excited to be able to have a space to work with peers that are passionate about sustainability!” 

Welcome, Grace Pell!

Hello! My name is Grace Pell and I’m thrilled to be an intern at The Environmental Center. I’m a senior at Mountain View High School and am working on finding more ways for students to be involved in the Central Oregon environmental community. Currently, I am the president of MVHS’s Conservation Club, which is how I first got involved with The Environmental Center. The club, along with myself, are excited to work with The Environmental Center, and our plan for the year is to start a composting program, continue our recycling program, and volunteer at various events with other high school environmental clubs. I’m passionate about doing my part in creating a more sustainable future for my community.

Q: If you were a plant or a tree what kind would you be?

A: If I were a tree I’d be a Red Wood. I grew up in California hiking and always found so much joy in the huge Red Woods that surrounded me.

Q: What encouraged you to reach out to The Environmental Center?

A: I was encouraged to reach out to the Environmental Center so that Mountain View High School Conservation Club could have support on projects and be more involved in the community .

Q: Are there any specific youth leader voices/organizations that you have learned from or follow that have encouraged you to get involved?

A: In general I try to learn from scientists about changes in the environment. I think it is valuable to listen to people who are directly affected by these negative changes in the environment. Intersectionality in environmentalism is key to understanding how lack of environmental policy negatively affects marginalized groups.

Q: One of our favorite questions! What does sustainability mean to you? What actions do you, as a young adult, take to model sustainability for yourself and the community?

A: Being sustainable to me means seeing the importance in not only small personal changes but, educating myself on environmental policy, and supporting people and organizations that see the need for action in climate policies. I believe that sustainability is something that is vital for communities to see importance in. 

Q: You are a super busy, go-getter human! What do you like to do in your spare time? If you have any?

A: In my spare time I like to go on hikes with friends. I’ve also been reading more, and I go skiing in the winter. Once a week I volunteer at Family Kitchen, where I work with other high school students to prepare meals for the community.

We are excited to be working with such a passionate go-getter like Grace! If you see her around the office on Tuesdays after school, say hi and ask her about the Green Leadership Coalition. Our role at The Environmental Center is to support student projects throughout their schools as well as work to create a more concrete youth advocacy program with their input. 

Are you a high school student interested in joining the next GLC meet up?

The Green Leadership Coalition’s first meeting will be held on January 23, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. at the Environmental Center. All high schoolers interested in sustainability are welcome.

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