How Can Reusable Bags Teach Eco-friendly Habits?

Sometimes living a sustainable life can seem a little intimidating. Many common household items seem to be harmful to the environment which might scare us away from developing sustainable habits. This is a totally normal feeling to have when thinking about sustainable living. For our Lunch Bites Highlight, we are focusing on a small and simple act that can make a huge difference not only on the environment, but our own personal habits. So if you’re wondering how to begin your journey towards sustainable living, let’s dive in!

Using reusable bags is an excellent way to reduce the amount of plastic in your home. In the United States it is estimated that on average one person uses between 350 and 500 plastic bags a year. Most of these plastic bags are then discarded and can end up in our oceans or buried in our landfills where it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. This is where reusable bags come in handy. Here is a short list of the benefits of reusable bags:

  • Quality: They are sturdier and larger than plastic bags
  • Reusable: They can be washed and used again and again
  • Versatile: Have a variety of purposes than just shopping (gift bags, storage holders, lunch bags, and more!)
  • Cost-effective: No plastic tax on reusable bags!
  • Environmentally friendly: Decreases the amount of plastic in oceans, landfills, and the Earth in general

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about the benefits of reusable bags, how can we use this knowledge to teach our families eco-friendly habits? Our Lunch Bites Highlight has a YouTube video which explains the lifecycle of a plastic bag directed especially for children. This video can help children better understand how plastic is made, and where it goes once we throw it away. This website also has a detailed article about how to teach young children sustainable habits. One idea is to teach creative crafts using recycled materials. Another idea focuses on spending time outside with Mother Nature, and developing a personal relationship with the environment. These are both ways to introduce sustainable habits in a creative and engaging way!

By slowly changing our actions at home, we can begin to live a sustainable life which not only helps the Earth, but also sets a good example for our families. Reusable bags are an important part of developing eco-friendly habits as we remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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