Garden Grant Update: Henry L Slater Elementary School

Henry L Slater Elementary School was one of seven School Garden Grant recipients in 2017. Here is a brief summary of what they did with the grant funds! Right now, The Environmental Center is fundraising to help MORE local teachers create and improve school gardens. Learn more and show your support here.

Henry Slater, located in Burns, was awarded a grant to build their first school garden and develop a summer garden program. They made great progress toward their goal, with new fencing and raised beds now built on-site! In addition to the new garden space, Slater just hired a STEM teacher who will be implementing more garden curriculum in the coming year.

Their summer garden program, “Growing Healthy Kids,” is scheduled to run from June 11 – August 17. And Slater is inspired to achieve even bigger garden plans! They hope to add recycling, composting, and hydroponics education to their future gardening program.