Super Air Sealed 1966 Home

Square Feet
Key Features
  • Super air sealed to reduce air leakage by 92%
  • Located in bike and walk-friendly location
  • Allows single car family

“Buying a house was simultaneously one of the most exciting and terrifying processes of my life. So many principals, desires and compromises coalesce in the purchase and decisions we have had to make about the property. We decided early on that by purchasing an older home (1966) we were committed to improving on the building to enhance the comfort, indoor air quality, durability, and efficiency. We had 2 weeks in the house before we needed to move in so we looked for how to take advantage of an empty house to do some aesthetic as well and performance upgrades. I know how important air sealing is from other site visits and I also know how much work it can take to seal all of the leaks in an older home. We decided to take advantage of the unoccupied house to air seal with Aerobarrier.”