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Darksky Technologies, LLC.

Our focus is to help businesses, franchises & non profits that have commercial & industrial facilities drastically reduce their power consumption, carbon footprint and improve their sustainability profile. We accomplish this goal by providing state of the art very high efficiency led lighting solutions, along with cash incentive processing & financing/leasing to help pay for the upgrade and increase the total ROI value for our clients.

The DarkSky Technologies team is a group of dedicated professionals passionate about helping companies realize savings, operational benefits, and reduced impact on the planet with advanced LED lighting solutions. Established as a premier national consulting firm with a large portfolio of completed projects, we are experts at providing innovative LED lighting systems that simply work better, more efficiently and with far less energy than any other lighting technologies.

Our consultants put their experience and expertise to work for you, developing the perfect LED lighting solution to meet your specific needs and goals. We start first by understanding your main goals, then we conduct plenty of analysis and numerous measurements to design the best lighting system for your facility. Custom fixtures with advanced lighting controls and modern delamping design configurations can also be added to expand the lighting systems capabilities in your space.

Best of all, we are experts in maximizing rebates and incentives to reduce capital investment costs to a fraction of what you would expect. Most Led systems are completely paid for in just nine months to a couple years. However, your new lights and the energy savings will pay off for a decade or more.

Darksky Technologies Free Energy Analysis is the first step and is designed to help businesses, franchises and property owners identify areas of current energy waste and highlight areas of substantial savings. We believe in adding high value to our clients by reducing their kilowatt per hour consumption rates, minimizing long term fixed energy costs, improving carbon footprints & decreasing their impact on the environment.

As a trade ally working directly with the Energy Trust of Oregon, we help you pre-qualify and receive cash incentives of 20%-75% of the cost to install highly efficient Led Lighting. Darksky Technologies is able easily navigate our clients through the highly complex process, using our expertise and direct relationship with the Energy Trust of Oregon. Our consultative approach is very thorough consisting of an electrical walk through, energy audit, environmental benefits calculations, lighting design, fixture layout plan, foot candle lighting measurements and more.

The findings are then prepared for you in an easy to read full proposal showing the total cost, annual financial savings, cash incentives available to pay for the project, environmental impact benefits and other useful business information. From there it is easy to make an informed business decision and confidently proceed to installing your total led lighting solution that is custom designed to work for your business for years to come. Interested?… Contact Us Today to see the difference


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