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Astir Agency is a Bend-based print and web design team that works with small businesses and non-profits to produce custom WordPress websites, brand identity and engaging graphic design. We enhance the professional face of your business through our award-winning design.

Why choose Astir Agency?
Our team has over 25 combined years of experience in design and web development – 13 developing custom content management systems alone. We create  custom WordPress websites that run like well-oiled machines and suit your organization’s needs to a “T”. Our speciality is making websites that have a logical and easy-to-manage data structure on the back end so you can quit pulling your hair out and get back to doing what you really love to do. And our websites look great too. We are award-winning designers with over a decade of experience communicating large amounts of information in an easy-to-digest fashion.

We often get asked the question, do you enjoy what you do? And the answer is always a definitive, “YES!” We love great design and we firmly believe that it makes the world we live in a better place. Whether it’s websites, furniture, architecture, or simply the presentation on a dinner plate, if it looks great and works smoothly, it makes us happy. Put our combined experience together with our penchant for great design and you get more than a pretty website. You get an effective one.

Our Team
Elise Jones, Designer and Client Services
Elise started out as a photographer for a local newspaper in Ski Town USA. Skiing with a camera for a paycheck was a really fun job. Unfortunately the paycheck was too little for the big lifestyle of Vail and so she made the transition to a career in graphic design. Fifteen years later, she’s still going strong. As Art Director for Bend’s alternative newsweekly, The Source Weekly, Elise honed her skills in editorial design and is proud to have brought home the Source’s first design award. When the news hit the stands that print is dead (we really don’t believe that one) she decided the time was ripe for taking her skills in information design to the digital arena and along with her husband, Tim, West Hills Design (now Astir Agency) was born.

Tim Jones, Web Developer
Tim has been developing websites pretty much since the web was invented. For the past fourteen years, he has been creating custom content management systems for clients nationwide. You may have heard of some of them: Outside Magazine, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Elle, Women’s Day, Family Circle, Legal Tech Show, Borden Dairy. But what really floats his boat is hearing his clients say, “Wow! That was easy,” when they tog into the back end of his websites. Oh, and he’s a four-time National Champion cyclist too. That’s pretty cool.

What some of our clients have shared about us
“In an age when more and more revenue is being generated by online companies, it is becoming increasingly important to stand out; to have an exceptionally strong internet presence to convey your message and to separate yourself from your competition… working with a designer who understands the vision of the business and how to engage the customer is of utmost importance. West Hills Design (now Astir Agency) did an outstanding job of listening to our ideas and understanding our vision to create a store that tells our story and makes it easy for our customers to buy our trips.”
–Whit Bazemore, Owner, Ride Cycling Tours

“Elise was a pleasure to work with! She immediately “got” what I was looking for. We made no changes to her first take at the design, because she nailed it from the start. I have received tons of praise for the site, which I humbly pass along to her.”
–Delia Paine, Buttonista, ViaDelia.com

“Elise is an out-of-the-box thinker who always brings new ideas
to the table.“
– Gina Miller, Director of Marketing and Sports Events at Lay It Out Events

Thanks for your OUTSTANDING work on our blog…Stacy is over the moon with how great it looks and how good the content is.”
– Richard Lyon, Healthy Hoo Hoo

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