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Angelina Organic Skincare

Angelina Organic Skincare, since 2001, is an artisan line of natural, anti-aging, results-driven skincare and sensuous aromatherapy. We are a modern apothecary, a small group of experts combining traditional Ayurvedic herbal wisdom and cutting-edge plant science to create advanced solutions to enhance your beauty, health and vitality. We choose certified organic and wildharvested ingredients for their purity and high nutritive values that enhance the efficacy of our products, build healthy skin, support communities and sustain the Earth. We carefully handcraft our products in small batches to effectively deliver the active key properties of each ingredient and house them in glass to ensure quality and potency. From seed to skin, the ingredients we use- the succulent leaves, roots, flowers, oils and minerals- begin in the wild and on organic and biodynamic farms to ensure the efficacy and bioavailability. Every plant is expertly grown and consciously harvested at their highest potency. We are Leaping Bunny certified and strive to source USDA Certified Organic ingredients whenever they are available. Born of a love affair with nature, our philosophy is one of Full Circle Beauty, creating beauty, sustainability and balance in ourselves, our communities and our planet.


Our Commitment to the Earth

-Recycling: Our minimal packaging is primarily made of recycled and recyclable glass. All of our literature is printed on recycled paper. You may receive your products by mail in recycled boxes (we use them whenever we can). Our bottle recycling program puts thousands of bottles and jars back into production every year.

– Keeping it Local: We keep our business local whenever we can to support our local economy and minimize our need for shipping and lessen our carbon footprint. Many of our botanicals are grown by organic farmers right here in Oregon.

-Ethical Buying: Whenever possible, we purchase ingredients direct from farms and from Fair Trade Certified farms and operations overseas to ensure that small villages and family farms will thrive, not merely survive.

-We support local organizations like the Green Spot, The Environmental Center and Saving Grace.

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