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The Green Spot Earned Symbols

Member Groups

Organizations displaying this symbol are one of thirty-four member groups whose efforts are supported by The Environmental Center's programs. By working together, we are able to more effectively protect and restore Central Oregon's natural environment.


A business displaying this symbol has met at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Offers incentives to employees for alternatives to driving alone, i.e. biking, walking carpooling, telecommuting
  • During business hours, use an alternative to driving for deliveries, such as print jobs, food pick-ups, and other needs.
  • Off-set carbon emissions when traveling for business
  • Business vehicles are highly efficient or powered by alternative, i.e. non-fossil fuel, hybrid technology  List alternative

Energy – Renewables & Efficiency

A business displaying this symbol has met at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • REQUIRED - Business powered by a renewable energy option from power provider, i.e. Blue Sky or business powered by a renewable energy source such as solar, wind, geo-thermal or micro-hydro.
  • During operating hours, programmable thermostats set to 68˚ for heating in the winter and 78˚ for cooling in the summer. During closed hours, 60˚ for heating in the winter and 80˚ for cooling in the summer.
  • Solar water heater system or “on demand” hot water heater used
  • CFL or other high efficiency bulbs are used in all applicable fixtures
  • Motion/occupancy sensors or timers are in use
  • Appliances/computers meet Energy Star standards
  • Have installed or are using high efficiency heating/cooling systems
  • Lights, computers and appliances are turned off at end of the day

Water Conservation

A business displaying this symbol has met at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Low flow aerators attached to all faucets
  • Ultra low flow toilets, faucets, hoses or water displacement devices used
  • Use of native or drought tolerant plants (amend with compost) in landscaping 
  • Use drip irrigation where appropriate and audit entire irrigation system in the spring
  • Do not need irrigation (no landscape to water)
  • Use compost to top dress lawn and water only during the evening or early morning
  • Do not have a lawn

3rd Party Certification

A business must meet the following criteria to receive this symbol:

Completed a third party certification process for environmental and/or social criteria, i.e. Fair Trade, Organic, EcoBiz, LEED, Earth Advantage, Green America, Green Seal.

Waste Reduction

A business displaying this symbol has met at least 5 of the following criteria:

  • Recycling program in place for paper, bottles, cans, aluminum, and glass, plastic and cardboard.
  • Order in bulk to reduce packaging and use/offer refillable containers
  • Packaging is reused to its fullest extent before it is recycled
  • Items purchased are reusable, recyclable and/or durable
  • Double side all office paper when printing is necessary
  • Use recycled content paper including office paper, paper towels and toilet paper
  • Participates in a compost program for food waste
  • Events hosted follow zero waste guidelines, avoiding disposable items
  • Donate items you can’t reuse to thrift stores, salvage yards, food banks, homeless shelters or used equipment stores
  • Offer discounts to consumers for bringing their own bags, cups

Toxics Prevention

A business displaying this symbol has met at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Non-toxic/biodegradable cleaning products/services used
  • Low or no VOC paints, finishes, adhesives and other building and maintenance products have been used in the building
  • Recycle used fluorescent light bulbs, computers and other electronic equipment, batteries and oil
  • Dispose of biological and hazardous waste at an approved facility
  • Avoid the use of toxic chemicals, synthetic herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals that may harm the environment or health of living things


A business displaying this symbol has met at least 4 of the following criteria:

  • Educate all current staff and new employees with regards to eco-friendly practices
  • Educate all customers with regards to eco-friendly options for their purchase
  • Market your businesses green efforts by word of mouth, in print and on your website
  • Support local community organizations/causes
  • Participate in COEC’s Sustainable Business Program
  • Utilize goods and services from businesses listed with The Green Spot
  • Offers employee benefits such as subsidizing medical insurance premiums and/ or providing vouchers to offset medical expenses and providing retirement benefits, such as 401(k) options, etc.
  • Offer discounts to other green businesses