Eco Central Campaign

As Central Oregon continues to grow and evolve, what kind of future will we leave for our children? Will our leaders make choices that advance our region AND protect our planet? Will we work together to advance sustainability and climate smart policies that protect the natural world we love and cherish here in Central Oregon?

The Environmental Center is currently in the quiet phase of the Eco Central Campaign, investing in a vision of Central Oregon as a region that is both ecologically sustainable and economically vibrant. This campaign is about shaping the future of our community and planet through education, advocacy and collaboration – all from a new, planned permanent facility that will be a community hub for action.

View a slideshow for more information about this campaign, presented to stakeholders on December 5, 2019. We encourage you to share any comments and feedback (below).

Here are a few words from Sydney Dedrick, a junior at Bend High School, who kicked off the evening.