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Garden Guardian

Large-Scale Puppets to Celebrate our Earth!

The Environmental Center has partnered with local artists Teafly Peterson and Christian Brown to enhance our annual Earth Day Fair & Parade this year. Teafly and Christian are creating two 8’ tall “Earth Guardians” – large scale puppets – that represent our thriving environment. During the Earth Day Parade, we will reveal the River Guardian and the Forest Guardian. Each will be brought to life by a friend of TEC marching in the parade.

These Guardians are designed to spark children’s imaginations and pave the way for important conversations about environmental stewardship. They will add more color, texture and visual interest to our celebration, and become a permanent, memorable part of this annual event. We are so excited to share these creations with our community! But we’d like to take it one step further…

We need to raise $2,000 in order to make a third Garden Guardian possible.

The Guardian illustrated above is the Garden Guardian, and we’d love to bring her to life for use in the Kansas Ave. Learning Garden this growing season. (See progress photos below)

Please make a donation today and help us inspire more children to be stewards of our environment!

And if you make a donation of $50 or more, you will also receive a signed & numbered print from Teafly! There are only 50 prints available, so don’t wait.

#8a9a37 Raised $1,390 towards the $2,000 target.


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Photo Credit: Carol Sternkopf

The River and Forest Guardians were made possible through a combination of grant money and business support. Big thanks to Mt. Bachelor, Spork and Brooks Resources for making this project possible!