Embedding sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon


Achieving our “Garden at Every School” vision requires a multi-faceted approach that provides several types of support for teachers, schools and gardens. Our strategy includes:

Building a Network of Trained Educators

Successful school gardens require well-informed educators that can learn from and support each other. That’s why we launched the Central Oregon Garden Educators Network last fall. We will expand and sustain our Network to provide regular training, networking events for peer-to-peer learning, problem-solving, resource sharing; and garden tours.

Supporting School Garden Creation and Operations with Small Grants

Building and sustaining successful school gardens requires cash and lots of sweat equity. We will create a Central Oregon School Garden Grant Fund that will award five to seven, $500 – $1,500 grants each year to support school gardens. Garden Grants are now open!

Supporting School Gardens with Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is also important to success: an individual with expertise and time to support and guide garden construction and operations. We are happy to announce that we’ve hired a Food Corps service member to provide technical assistance to new and existing gardens.

Identifying Institutional Opportunities

A supportive context is essential to school garden success. We will work with school district stakeholders – administrators, operations staff, teachers and parents – to collaboratively develop and implement best practices for creating and sustaining school gardens.

Thank you to our funding partners: