Embedding sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon


Our total expense budget for this project for the coming year is $27,775. The breakdown of those costs is as follows:

  • Food Corps Volunteer: $7,500
  • TEC staff time: $5,150
  • Grants to schools to start, upgrade or maintain a garden: $7,500
  • Mileage reimbursements (driving to and from schools): $2,568
  • Supplies, materials and equipment: $2,500
  • Other miscellaneous costs: $2,557

For income, we are relying on multiple partners, plus support from our donors. Here is a breakdown on the income:

  • Business Sponsors: $12,500
  • TEC Donors: $8,750
  • Oregon Farm-to-School School Garden Network $1,900
  • Oregon Department of Agriculture $2,500
  • Matching Foundation Grant: $2,500

Our summer 2017 campaign goal is $11,250.

Jack Johnson’s Ohana Foundation has pledged to match up to $2,500 of what we raise by his concert in Bend on July 20.

Will you help us raise the remaining $8,750 we need from our donors to meet our goal?