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The Deschutes River and the Cascade Mountains paint a beautiful picture of water in the High Desert. When it comes to water, we need to conserve it and protect it. Conserving water by thoughtful water use keeps the levels in our local rivers adequate for fish and other organisms. Protecting water from pollutants keeps us and our fellow inhabitants healthy.

Below are some easy things you can do at work to conserve and protect Central Oregon’s precious water resources. Remember, it’s all connected!


  • Do you really need that grass? Or can you go to the neighborhood park and xeriscape your yard instead? Ditch the grass and you will never have to mow it! The City of Bend has a great guide to Xeriscaping in the High Desert to help you get started.
  • Eliminate pesticides and fertilizers or choose natural ones to keep these toxics out of our water.P1010719
  • Remember: “Only Rain in the Storm Drain!”  Many lead straight to the river.


  • Use natural and biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and detergents for bathing, dishes, cleaning, and laundry. Steer clear of antibacterial products.
  • Think about what goes down the drain and if it can be easily treated at our wastewater treatment plant.
  • Install low flow toilets, shower heads, and faucets.
  • Fix leaky toilets and faucets.
  • Wash full dishwasher and laundry loads.
  • Purchase water efficient appliances such as front-loading washing machines.

City of Bend’s WaterWise Program

Learn more from the City on how to conserve water! Lots of great resources here.