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Waste Reduction

We have gathered all the local tools and resources you need to rethink your waste on the Rethink Waste Project website. You’ll find ideas, tips and resources to help you reduce your waste, reuse what’s possible, and recycle and compost the rest.


By understanding what household products are hazardous, what alternatives are available, and how to properly dispose what you do use, you can create a safer and healthier home and environment.

SF-ZWS-2012-1-265x185Hosting Zero Waste Events

Community events are great, but let’s face it – they create a lot of waste. You can help by committing to host a zero waste event!

Zero Waste Station materials include banners, signs and labels. Each zero waste station is equipped with a large banner to hang over the station of 3 roll carts (recycle, compost and landfill). A double-sided laminated sign hangs above each roll cart, and labels are affixed to each bin for easy and quick identification so people know where to put their waste. Banners, signs and labels are available for free to check out to anyone who wishes to join in our effort to reduce waste through recognizable, standardized information across all community events.