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Getting Around

The way you get from home to work or school or to a play-date can be a fun and easy way to go green.  When you cut down on the number of trips you take alone in your car, you save money. Finding sustainable ways to get around will increase our entire community’s livability by reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

Next time you need to run to the grocery store, pick up the kids, or head to the hills consider:11539054_861292187241878_7247342735478753168_o

  • Sharing the ride -Carpooling with a neighbor or friend gives you a chance to connect with a peer, or carve out some free time.  And it saves
    money and reduces stress.
  • Combine Trips – If you need to drive somewhere, plan ahead and make sure you’re getting around town efficiently.
  • Public Transit – Riding public transit or even the bus to Mt. Bachelor saves your money and gives you time to relax.
  • Bike or Walk – Enjoy Central Oregon’s 300 days of sunshine and boost your health.
  • Compressed Work Weeks and Flextime – If you can’t change how you get to work, change when you work.

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Visit Commute Options to learn more about incentive programs to assist you in reducing the impacts of driving alone.