Embedding sustainability into daily life in Central Oregon

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Making green choices about the food you eat is an important part of living sustainably. Attaining food is one of the most fundamental actions we take, yet we face a multitude of choices: Where do we get our food? What type of food do we eat? What do we do with leftover food and the containers it came in?

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In Oregon, we are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of food and with that variety comes the responsibility of making sustainable choices. Support local farmers, stores, and restaurants whenever you can. You’ll get fresher food – food that’s grown, harvested, and prepared by people who care about the land, the animals, and the health of our community.  Find a sustainable grocery store – it’s easy to do in Central Oregon. Sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box or purchase meat from a local ranch. We recommend you check out the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance and Central Oregon Locavore for more information on local food.


Growing your own food at home or in your local community garden is a simple way to reduce your impact on the environment. Much of the food we eat has travelled hundreds, even thousands of miles to reach us. Planting your own veggie garden – especially an organic one – reduces the demands put on our land by large-scale, commercial agriculture.

Not sure what you can grow in the High Desert?  Talk to a local garden expert.


Food waste and yard trimmings make up more than 25% of our nation’s household garbage, but you can reduce that amount by composting at home. You can turn your yard trimmings and food waste into something that benefits your yard and garden with a variety of composting methods. From backyard bins to worm composting, there is a method that will work for any size family in any size home. Learn the ins and outs of composting through our partnership project, Rethink Waste.