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Classroom Lessons

ES Kids photos for Bend Living shoot 028A sustainable future requires tomorrow’s leaders to understand the impact of their actions and to choose a better way. Here at The Environmental Center, we are developing and delivering education on sustainability to the future generation of thinkers, teachers and leaders. Please email Jackie Wilson for more information on these programs or to sign up.

Energy And You

The Environmental Center, in partnership with the Bend Energy Challenge, presents a new series focused on energy: ways we use it, how we use resources to generate electricity, and how to be more efficient with its use. This energy series helps clarify energy concepts and the impact of energy use on our environment and community.

EarthSmart Presentation 

The Environmental Center provides interactive, hands-on activities and lessons that focus on waste reduction, resource conservation, and sustainability. You can work with our educator to schedule one or more lessons for your students. We hope you and your class can work to become EarthSmart!

Our Water System: A Journey through Bend

IMG_1824The Environmental Center has partnered with the City of Bend to provide a new education program, Our Water System: A Journey through Bend. The program consists of four classroom lessons plus two field trips: one to the Bridge Creek intake and the Outback Water Treatment Facility and a second trip to the Water Reclamation Plant (sewage facility). 

Waste Away series

This waste series students will be introduced to where the materials on the earth come from, decomposition and why things that are “thrown away” don’t necessarily “go away”. They will learn about decomposition, recycling in Deschutes country, compost, packaging, creative uses for garbage and how to make their own waste free lunch. Presentations can be scheduled individually, but best to do in a monthly series. We can assist with scheduling a field trip to the landfill and performing a waste audit of your school after this series.