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School Programs

school programIn a changing world, students live with uncertainty and educators need to prepare them by working to develop critical thinking skills and a sense of exploration. Our programs are based on the Education for Sustainability (EfS) model, which develops the thinking skills and systems knowledge needed to tackle 21st century challenges.  EfS inspires students to ask questions and teaches them to seek their own answers.

Classroom Lessons

We offer programs to help students discover how daily choices, at home and at school, affect their environment.  The EarthSmart lessons are hands-on and engaging for young minds. New this year is a program with the City of Bend to educate students about water use and distribution in our community.

Outdoor School

An Outdoor School day is a great way to foster an appreciation and connection to the natural world.  Getting students outside of their formal classroom facilitates their understanding and thinking about the world around them in a new way.  The Environmental Center can organize a day of interactive, hands-on activities for your student, a day they will enjoy and that will enhance their learning back in the classroom.

Field Trips

Field trips have been shown to help students understand complex ideas by allowing them to experience the totality of a system and to use their own personal observations to grasp otherwise difficult topics.  We can assist you and your classes to explore the community sustainability issues through trips to the local landfill or to the water reclamation facilities. Please email Jackie Wilson for more information or to schedule a trip.