Energy Assessments

An energy assessment is a tool to help you identify how your home is using and losing energy. Odds are, your home is losing a lot more hard-earned energy than you might think. We say hard-earned because that is energy we all begrudgingly pay for each month on our utility bills. The good news? There are professionals out there who can help you make your home more efficient and comfortable.

After a series of diagnostic tests, an assessment will help you discover areas of improvement for your home and most importantly help you prioritize projects in a logical and systematic fashion. Just think of it as scheduling a house call from the doctor — this time, it’s literally for your house.

To get started…

You can start to get a picture of your home’s potential to save energy by using online tools such as this home energy review from Energy Trust of Oregon. The review takes less than 5 minutes and will give you some suggestions on opportunities to save energy.

If you’re ready to really dig in, sign up to get an energy assessment! There will be a cost associated with your assessment, as your contractor will put in more than 5 hours of work to deliver a customized report. However, if you move forward with work, this fee will be deducted from your project cost. Wondering if it’s worth it? Check out the top 6 reasons to get an energy assessment right now.