Give your old money and energy-guzzling appliances the boot. There are lots of opportunities to slash the energy use of your appliances by either upgrading to ENERGY STAR models or just using what you have more wisely. Did you know you can save $80 a year by upgrading to a new more-efficient fridge? Or that ENERGY STAR clothes washers use about 25% less energy and 40% less water than standard washers?

Energy Guide labelWhen you’re shopping for a new appliance, check to see if there are ENERGY STAR certifications available. There are 38 different appliances that have ENERGY STAR ratings, so the odds are pretty good that you can probably find an efficient version.

Check the yellow Energy Guide label. This yellow label will show the estimated yearly operating cost based on average electricity prices and below this you will be able to compare the range of operating costs for similar models. Be sure to check for the ENERGY STAR  logo.