Heat Pump Water Heaters FAQ

Heat Pump Water Heaters can be a great fit and it can be hard to find all of the information you need to help inform a decision. Here are some of the questions that we often get from homeowners.

How do they work?hpwh_how_it_works_with_tags

A standard electric water heater uses more energy than a refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer combined. A heat pump water heater uses electricity differently — moving heat rather than generating it, so you use 2-to-3 times less energy and save more money.

Do they actually work in our climate?

Yes! Older heat pump water heaters needed to be in a warm area to work so garage and basement installs were out of the question. Modern versions will work in the efficient heat pump mode 95% of the time and on the occasion that it gets too cold it will automatically switch to the backup coils and run just like your old electric water heater.

Are they reliable?

Yes! These are not a new technology. Heat pumps are already in your home in the refrigerator and air conditioner. These are made by top-tier water heating companies that you know and trust and carry a 10-year warranty to protect you if anything goes wrong.

How do I get one?

Give us a call at 541-385-6908 ext. 12 to see if your house is a good fit and we can connect you with one of our contractor partners.

Can I do it myself?

Yes! You are still eligible for all rebates doing it yourself. We recommend checking out this DIY guide from Hot Water Solutions NW first to get an idea of what the project will entail. Locally, you can purchase your unit at Home Depot of Lowe’s where a cash incentive from Energy Trust of Oregon will be pre-applied.

Are there Discounts Available?

YES!! While the purchase price is higher than a standard electric water heater, incentives help to reduce the up-front costs. Energy savings of more than 60% will reduce operating costs for the life of the water heater. Not to mention, that they have longer warranties. When all is said and done, they save you energy and money.

Energy Trust Rebate ($300 rebate is pre-applied before you purchase)

Energy Trust offers a $300 cash incentive that has already been applied to the price you will see at the store or through your installer. This rebate is not removed if you are a CEC customer.

Central Electric Coop Rebate (Additional $500 rebate)

CEC, offers co-op members a cash incentive of $500 when a heat pump water heater is replacing an existing electric water heater. You can learn more about their program on their website.

This adds up to a lot of savings!