Do Just One Thing

Starting small can mean big things for us all. 

You don’t have to break records to make an impact. In fact, doing just one little thing can mean a world of difference.

It’s true! Making one tiny change each month can have a big impact in the amount of energy that you use (or don’t use). It’s easy. And it all starts with you.

So come on! Let’s do your thing!


We want to help you get pumped about energy savings! Reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your home with a ductless heat pump. These champs can cool and heat your home–all while using less energy. This summer we’re bringing you an extra $200 bonus on ductless heat pumps (on top of other incentives up to $2,400!).

Find out more about whether a ductless heat pump is a good fit for your home and available cash incentives and tax credits. 


Switch off power strips

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When you’re away, the phantoms will play–and wreak havoc with your energy bills. A phantom load is any device that consumes electricity when when shut off–like your TV, entertainment system, and many others! Be a good Energy Hero, and make sure there aren’t too many phantoms lurking around your house.

Find out more here. 


Replace your showerhead

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All that water going down the drain when you’re sudsing up is more than just water. It’s energy too. Hot water heating accounts for 20% of the average home’s energy use and your showers are a huge part of that. Don’t worry though, low-flow showerheads with no pressure are a thing of the past! With a twist of the wrist, a couple wraps of some plumbing tape, and a few more twists, you could be enjoying a hot, steamy shower, while using 40% less water. For 365 showers, that’s 1,825 gallons!

There are lots of ways to save water that will also help you save energy. Find out more here.


Upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances

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Give your old money and energy-guzzling appliances the boot. Did you know you can save $80 a year by upgrading to a new more efficient fridge? There are lots of opportunities to slash the energy use of your appliances by either upgrading to ENERGY STAR models or just using what you have more wisely.

 Find out more here. 


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Did you know that you can get up to 70% off the cost of a solar installation through cash incentives and tax credits? And that getting a solar assessment  is free? You might be surprised to find that going solar is a lot easier and more affordable than you thought.

Not ready for solar and not in your own home yet? You can still use the sun’s power for good.  Be sure to check out more ways that the sun can help you stop wasting energy.


Turn down your thermostat

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Did you know that for every degree you lower your thermostat, you can save up to 3% on your heating costs? Or that by setting your thermostat to 60 – 62 degrees at night you can really start to dial in the savings? It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s all in the wrist. So stop wasting. Drop it like it’s hot and start rolling in the savings.

We’ve even got tips and tricks to help you make the most of that heat and stay warmer during these cold months. Turning down the heat doesn’t mean that you have to be cold!

Find out more here. 


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Want in on a dirty little secret? A less-than-pristine furnace could be costing you big time. Furnaces with dirty filters or ducts waste energy and money, shorten the life of your furnace, and pollute your indoor air. The good news? Cleaning up your furnace’s act starts with changing the filter regularly.

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