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EarthSmart Lesson Plans

bigstock_Kids_filling_recycle_bin_14086376-1Resource Revival

In this lesson, students will learn why natural resources are crucial to our everyday lives.  The difference between renewable and non– renewable resources and how resource use affects us now and in the future will be discussed.

The Great Garbage Game

This lesson introduces the basics of waste and what we can do to save space in the landfill and conserve resources.  With a hands-on activity, students will discover what types of items can be reduced, reused, recycled or composted by making the right choices.

Hidden World

By viewing worm compost samples, students will discover some of the world’s greatest recyclers.  Students will be introduced to decomposition and why things that are “thrown away” don’t necessarily “go away”.

Use it and Lose It

The effect of product packaging on our waste stream is explored in this activity. By analyzing various products, students will identify the functions, benefits and drawbacks of different types of packaging. Students will learn how they can reduce their waste by making responsible buying  and packing decisions.

Solar Solutions

In this  lesson, your class will explore the power of the sun to provide the energy that we need, both globally and locally.

Willie B. Wasteful

This interactive puppet show helps make young students aware of the trash they produce.  Through the characters in this show, they may appreciate the reasons for Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.