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School Programs


Sustainability Education                     

EarthSmart Series — 2nd – 5th

The Environmental Center, in partnership with Deschutes County Solid Waste, presents a free education series where students discover their impact on the environment through their daily choices at home and school. The full series, complete with seven classroom lessons and a field trip, is available for 4th and 5th grade. A mini series, complete with three classroom lessons and a field trip, is available for 2nd and 3rd grade.

Full series includes:
Seven classroom lessons (55 minutes each)
A free half-day field trip to the landfill

Mini series includes:
Three classroom presentations (30 – 45 minutes each)
A free half-day field trip to the landfill
The series is free to schools in Deschutes County.

Sustainability Series — 10th – 12th

Aligned with Oregon State Health Standards, this two-part series examines the interrelationship between human and environmental health.

This series is open to all high schools in Deschutes County.

Water Education    

Our Water System: A Journey Through Bend — 6th – 12th                      

In partnership with the City of Bend, The Environmental Center presents a series consisting of four classroom lessons that orient your students to domestic use of their local watershed.

The classroom lessons are supported by optional half-day field trips to:
* Bend’s Outback Water Filtration Facility
* Bend’s Wastewater Reclamation Facility
* Riverbend and Farewell Bend Parks to study stormwater

This series is free for schools in Bend.

Water Down the Pipes: An Understanding of Wastewater, 6th

In partnership with the City of Redmond, The Environmental Center presents a free program focused on human interaction with the water cycle and wastewater treatment. Enjoy a hands-on NGSS lesson that provides context for a half-day field trip to Redmond’s wastewater plant.

This series is designed for 6th grade students, and is free to Redmond schools.


Outdoor Days                                                   

Outdoor Days — K – 5th

In partnership with the Children’s Forest of Central Oregon, outdoor days provide students with an understanding of the systems in nature that make life possible. Students connect with the natural world through hands-on experience in local settings.

Days include:
*Transport to and from our sites: Shevlin Park, Skyliners Lodge, Smith Rock State Park, Sawyer Park
*A full day of NGSS-aligned outdoor lessons

Outdoor days are designed for grades K – 5, and are available to schools in Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson Counties.

Exploring Community — 6th – 8th grade

Take your students outside to explore the roles individual organisms play in a community. Through a collection hike, teambuilding activities, water sampling, and a topography lesson, students explore all of the abiotic and biotic factors that make up an ecosystem.

This program is available to middle schools in Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook Counties.

To schedule, contact:
April Farmer
Sustainability Educator, Water Education Lead, Outdoor Day Director
541-385-6908 ex. 16