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Learning Garden

2016-07-06 22.51.22Garden Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways people can get involved in the garden! We hold some one-time garden party events, as well as ongoing activities. We also welcome volunteers looking to help work on a specific project.

Happy Hour in the Garden: 4-6 pm, Tuesdays from May through August.
This ongoing volunteer series is open to anyone who wants to dig in the garden and help out with various garden tasks and projects. Each month is sponsored by local beer and kombucha businesses & brewers. Come and enjoy a drink as we work in the garden!

Grow Your School Garden Educator Workshop Series

Thanks to funding through the Gray Family Fund, we are pleased to offer our first ever Central Oregon Grow Your School Garden Series.

The goal is to strengthen and grow existing garden-based learning programs in Central Oregon through a 2 day educator workshop followed by 2 school garden tours and knowledge sharing, and development and kick off of a local Garden Educator Network.

Learn more and RSVP!


We transformed a vacant, weed-infested lot into an outdoor classroom where children tend to the seeds they plant, make discoveries through weekly observations and experiments, apply math and science skills, and get their hands dirty.

Through partnerships with nearby Amity Elementary School during the school year and our local Boys & Girls Club during the summer, we connect children to the basis of all life—food.  Kids witness and experience cycles, growth, hard work, weather and patience. They leave the 4 walls of their classroom and step into the classroom of life.


We’re also excited about the new Monarch Waystation we planted last summer with Boys & Girls Club kids and Monarch Advocates of Central OregonMACO is a group of passionate citizens that works to help the Monarch butterfly in Central Oregon by planting local native milkweed, creating Monarch waystations, and educating the community about how they can do the same. Here is a quick handout about Monarch Waystations, including a list of native flowering plants to plant along with your Showy Milkweed!

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