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Bend Energy Challenge

Created to help everyone in Bend save energy and make their homes healthier and more comfortable, the Bend Energy Challenge enables our community to enter a nationwide energy-BEC logosaving competition with a $5 million prize. That’s five million bucks that would fund projects to help our community save energy, embrace long-term livability and honor the land and lifestyle that make Bend, well, Bend.

Everyone can be an energy-saving superhero. It doesn’t take superhuman strength or a super fat wallet. In fact, small changes can make a big – really big – difference. Save energy, money, maybe even the planet. Visit our website to connect to energy-saving tips, resources, and join our team today to get exclusive deals to make your home more comfortable.



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Bend Energy Challenge For Businesses

Because saving energy is everybody’s business, local businesses should get involved in The Bend Energy Challenge. Support Bend by reducing your organization’s energy use and by encouraging your employees to take the Pledge! Get tips and resources to save energy AND money and help your employees do the same. Small companies can opt to receive a free energy assessment to help create an energy savings plan. Larger companies may find it easier to create a Green Team to lead the way. We provide information and resources for all this and more!

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