2021 Oregon Legislative Session

Advancing a healthy, resilient future in Central Oregon requires change at both the individual and governance levels. To ensure a better future for the next generations, we must communicate with elected officials and empower our community members and leaders to stand up for bold action today

There are many challenging issues facing our state right now that need to be addressed … and we need to move climate action forward so that we don’t have to keep backtracking to fix past mistakes. 

The 2021 “long” legislative session is underway and there are a lot of bills to take note of. To hone our focus, we are following bills that will support strategies laid out in Bend’s Community Climate Action Plan to reduce fossil fuel use. In each of the five focus areas below, we list or describe active legislation and share testimonies we’ve submitted on behalf of the Environmental Center. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a section on how YOU can get involved!

The state legislative process can feel confusing and overwhelming with lots of jargon and acronyms. It takes significant time to navigate an unfamiliar system, and it can be intimidating to speak up in a space where lots of power is held. To support our community’s participation, we will do our best to break things down when we share action alerts and updates. Please email us if you have a specific question, and we’ll connect you to additional resources or to other organizations who are working hard on these issues. Thanks for learning with us!