Rethink Food Waste Challenge: Multifamily Housing Edition!

This year, the challenge will run from January 4th – February 1st. Why not make your new year’s goal to reduce your food waste?

We are launching our third Rethink Food Waste Challenge! This time, we’re working to connect with folks who live in multifamily housing communities. We recognize that waste can be a particular challenge when living in a small space especially when there are so many units and limited space for garbage and recycling.

Is Wasted Food a Problem?

Wasted food is a global social, financial, and environmental issue. With 40% of the food that is grown to be eaten ends up wasted, we could stand to reduce our wasted food. Here are a couple more facts:

  • The average family of 4 throws away $1300-2500 worth of food annually.
  • Wasted food accounts for 8% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 50 million Americans do not have access to enough food.

Why are we wasting so much food considering all of these issues?

So what is the Rethink Food Waste Challenge?

This 4-week interactive challenge will help you see how much is being wasted in your own home, give you tips and resources to reduce that waste, and give you a wider perspective by learning about global food waste issues and initiatives.